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NUGA BEST Global CEO Message

"Contribute to human health with highest technology, and best efforts and service."

Mr. Cho, Syung-hyun
NUGA Global Chairman

With our state-of-the-art technical capability that has been validated through a number of awards (IR Jangyoungsil Award, 1994; Minister of Science and Technology Award, 1995) Nuga Best was incorporated in June 2002. Since then, we have been developing and manufacturing various types of thermal treatment devices for home uses, other medical and skin care devices as well as health care devices and professional medical devices for hospital environment, which are now being exported to more than 115 countries in the world!

What contributed to our fast growth since our foundation was our spirits for sharing health, love, and service with the entire world which were the basis of our mindset when we developed and manufactured our products.

With our corporate mission, “To contribute to the human health by providing the best service with our best technology and love”, we, Nuga Best has been manufacturing and providing our customers with quality products with world class competitiveness. According to the establishment of the R&D group within Nuga Best, we are determined to secure our leadership position in terms of development of the next generation medical devices, as well as training talented minds, innovation, and strengthening our capabilities for knowledge based on management of our company.

We will lead the way to make the society a better place for us all with our commitment for compliance, environmental awareness, and sharing with our neighbors. As we step up to the leadership in the medical device industry of the world, we would like to welcome you to join us in our journey to the new future!

Thank you very much for your attention.