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Nuga Global Conference Celebrating the 16th Anniversary

Nuga Best held 2018 Nuga Global Conference at Lotte Hotel Seoul and its head office in Wonju for 5 days between Jun. 4 and 8, which was attended by about 600 distinguished guests and operators from here and abroad including Chairman Cho Syung-hyun and other executives and employees.

The conference was held to revisit the past 16 years' work of Nuga Best and explore its future directions. The first day of the event on Jun. 5 started with the opening of the conference and the commemorative speech by Chairman Cho Syung-hyun, which was followed by award ceremony for Proud Nuga Person, 10-Year Continuous Employment Award, and Long-Term Operator, and congratulatory remarks from operators.

In his welcome speech, Chairman Cho Syung-hyun said, "It is my great pleasure to be here with all the family of Nuga. I hope that this conference will serve to promote further communication among our operators from different countries and their continuous development.

The program led to Nuga Superstar Season 2, a talent show for business owners from domestic and abroad, in which the business owners presented splendid performances and distinctive cultures of the different countries while demonstrating their talents and skills. On Jun. 6, Global Conference proceeded at Lotte Hotel Seoul. The business owners spent precious time together while sharing the successful marketing case in South Korea and the Philippines, which they saw as the cornerstone of their business. And the following lecture by Prof. Kim Taek-jung, the author of Tourmanium, provided those present with an opportunity to take a close look at the strengths of Nuga Best's core materials.

Wrapping up the conference, there was a meeting of the distributors from different countries where participants shared their ideas and issues in discussing the road ahead.

​We hope that the Global Conference has served for the business owners from different countries to instill pride and will thereby drive their energetic business performance down the road. Nugabest promises to grow with all our business owners as their good friends and companions.