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Nuga Medical Wins Brand of the Year for Fifth Consecutive Years in 2021

Nuga Medical was named Brand of the Year in the medical device category for the Korean and Chinese markets based on consumer opinion for five years in a row. The Brand of the Year Awards celebrating its 19th anniversary this year honors the most beloved brands in Korea and China annually based on a poll.

For the Brand of the Year 2021 Awards, a record-breaking number of consumers participated in the online, mobile, and phone polls, with around 610,000 Korean consumers and 1.53 million Chinese consumers. Nuga Medical, in particular, received the most votes from participants from both countries among all medical device brands.

“I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude toward Korean and Chinese consumers for their continued support. This award shows that our customers appreciate our management policy to put customers first. Even our newly launched “NUGAFE”, a combination of an agency and a cafe, is also a product of our customer-first management policy to provide opportunities for customers to try out our products first in a pleasant environment before making a buying decision,” said NUGA Global Chairman Cho Syung-hyun, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing customers above anything else in business management.


We could not have won Brand of the Year for five years straight without your continued support. We sincerely thank our customers, and will continue to do our best to meet your needs and keep everyone satisfied. Thank you.