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Life is not to live, but to be well. Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.

A sound mind in a sound body; if former be the glory of the latter, the latter is indispensable to the former.

The Nuga Best House of Shakti Nagar is a temple for all health conscious citizens of the city. I know it for quite sometime. you go there, take care of your health; you no right to neglect it, and thus become a burden to yourself, and perhaps to others.

NM-4000 is not for spines only - its for your physical well being. I experienced it by going there regularly. The ambience, the friendliness of the trainers, the equipments - all worth enjoying.

I wish all the luck to those who run it.

Ankit Jaiswal
Male, Age 32 year, Delhi

Result is good in Spinal cord, previously I could not work properly whole day. Pain was there in Spinal Cord. After few days use of NUGA bed I can work continually 3 to 4 hrs and feel freshness whole day

Harshika Shah
Female, Age 61 Years, Delhi

Insulin Intake has been reduced , Hypertension is under control , Really Thanks to Nugabest. an efforts by Nugabest Which Is a great help to all.

Harish Chander Batra
male, Age 74 Years, Delhi

Nugabest is the best therapy, No medicine, No Exercise. My knee pain and back pain relieved a lot in just five days of NUGA bed use. I do not feel tired at all even after continuous working for 8hrs. Feeling glow on my skin after using NUGA sonic, skin is so soft like a small baby.

Jyoti Mehta
Female, Age 34 Years, Chandigarh

Overweight,Obsese & had Backpain problem,slugish & felt tired through out the day. Nugabest Therapy is very effective , Improvement reaction seen after using NM4000 Bed therapy. Now I lose weight and become more active & fit. Thanks to Nugabest.

Rabinder singh Jaswal
Male, Age 42 Years, Chandigarh

I am Suffering from Sever Middle & Low Backache Acute Gastric Trouble, After getting the magic Bed Therapy(N-5), I recover from my all Pain. Honestly Speaking , N-5 Is highly reliable and commendable Therapy par at Excellence.

Gurdial Sharma
Male, Age 72 Years, Chandigarh

For me going to Nugabest Medical india is a way of life for the last one year. I have benefited tremendously in terms of my overall fitness, endurance and well being. I recommend everyone to attend the various training programmes of Nugabest Medical india to stay fit and live longer. I wish every success for your Best House.

Kumar Gaurav
Male, Age 29 Years, Indrapuram